Tuesday, July 24, 2012

our youngest chicken fan

Jillian, Sam & Angie
Jillian, my niece Angie's daughter, was quite taken with the chickens when she first met them a few months ago.  Even before they were formally introduced, she was obsessed with a video I had posted online.  It was a short clip from the day I brought the chicks home.

Jillian watched it over and over and over again.  2 months after I posted the video, she was still watching it.  Angie wrote, "We just had our nightly chicken viewing. Now as I scroll down looking for the video she says, "chickens where are you?" and after watching the video she says, "bye bye chickens - see you later."

More than 3 months after I had posted the video, Jillian was still charmed by the babies.  Angie sent me a note:  "I wish you had a play count on how many times this video has been watched. We have already watched several times and it's only 7:15 (in the morning!)."  

I would love to know how many times Jillian watched that clip over the past 4 months!!

Recently,  Jillian has shifted her attention from our chicks to her cousin Addison.  Granted, Addison is a beautiful baby, so I understand why poultry might pale in comparison.  Yet, I'm still a little sad that our chicks have lost their biggest fan.  

Here's the clip:

 Here's Addison:  

 I guess I can see why Jillian has moved on!

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