Monday, April 2, 2012

another busy day for chickens

Ronan, John, Nicholas, Chirpy & Redder
My niece Deirdre brought her 3 energetic and inquisitive sons to visit this past week.  We had a nice indoor picnic, talked about trains and Legos, then brought the chicks out for a little while.  The chicks were not quite sure what to think of the crowd gathered in their honor and seemed a bit overwhelmed.   They eventually crawled up my arms, onto my shoulder and down my back.  It really tickles!!

chicks - the new fashion accessory for spring!
We also headed outside to share wilted arugula with the big girls.  Ronan and John found 2 eggs then practiced using the egg scale to weigh them.

Ronan & John checking for eggs
success!  thank you Ray and Stella
Despite the fact that Nicholas bonked his head on a drawer that I had left pulled out, I think everyone had a good time.  Yikes!  That's 2 slightly wounded children in the past 2 visits.  That doesn't reflect our typical injury rate for visitors.  Honestly!!

Once Deirdre and the boys left, the chicks conked out for quite a while!  I let them rest before inviting a group of neighbors in for a peek.  5 kids and 2 adults came by to see indoor and outdoor chicken action.  There were LOTS of squeals and giggles!!

I really enjoy the chicken-inspired visits and being able to share chicken happiness with family, friends and neighbors.  I am grateful to the girls for drawing people into our home and into our lives.

Ronan & John saying goodbye to Redder

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