Friday, August 24, 2012

egg update

Well, the babies are getting the hang of laying, but once in a while Chirpy or Redder will lay an egg with a very thin shell or even just a membrane around the white and yolk.  They started laying when they were VERY young and their bodies are still trying to figure the whole thing out.  They are also under a bit of stress.  The big girls still seem to resent their presence and don't always share treats or the nesting boxes very well.  Even if she doesn't have to lay an egg, Stella will strut around outside the run, creating a voluminous protest.  But, we soldier on and so do they.

Winnie enjoying the peace and quiet of the nesting box
It has been a week since Chirpy last laid a fully-developed egg.  I miss her tiny jade gems!!  I also miss the way Redder stands guard outside the nesting box and waits patiently for her to produce something.  I'm sure Chirpy would appreciate some privacy, but Redder rarely leaves her side.

Chirpy enjoying (?) Redder's company while she works on an egg
As we eagerly anticipate Chirpy's next egg, Redder continues to astound us with her growth spurt - body-wise and egg-wise.  She is taller than Ray and her eggs are actually larger than Ray's now!  On Tuesday, Redder graced us with her usual small egg.  On Wednesday she laid a monster - it bottomed out the egg scale which means it is a jumbo!!  On Thursday she laid 2 thin-shelled eggs and again today, Friday, she laid another jumbo.  I hope our girl doesn't burn herself out.  She's only 6 months old!! 

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