Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chicken Appreciation Day

The chicks and the older hens had lots of company on Saturday.   In the morning my friend Michelle stopped by for a visit.  The chicks welcomed her warm hands and gentle nature.

Michelle and Chirpy
Later in the day friends Dave and Patti, my niece Angie, her husband Rick and their 3 kidlets stopped by for a visit.  The chicks were quite charming and seemed to like the extra attention.   True to form, there was a little bit of peeping and lots of pooping.  Sam, Angie's oldest, declared it a Poop Fest!!

Sam with Redder

Jack, Jillian, Sam & Angie with Redder

After spending time with the kids, both chicks headed over to Angie.  She has a way with the wee ones!!

Angie, the chicken whisperer
Jack took a tumble onto our deck and ended up with a nasty scrape on his shin, but was a real trooper as we headed outside to visit Winnie, Stella & Ray.  They loved the chopped carrot tops and freeze-dried meal worms the kids gave them, and Sam was excited to collect eggs from Stella and Winnie.  

After everyone left, I stain sticked the poo schmear on my jeans and declared it a successful chicken appreciation day.

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