Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the nursery is ready!

We've prepped a cozy home for our new chicks who are due to arrive tomorrow morning.  They will be snuggled up in a box under a heat lamp in our downstairs bathroom.  The heat lamp seems like our best option since Eric refuses to keep the house temp. at 90 degrees for the next 6 weeks. How Scroogy of him!

Stay tuned for updates on the newest additions to our flock!


  1. Bonus!...I look forward to seeing your new Chicks:)

  2. Scroogy?!? I think if we examine the evidence, in terms of time and money spent on constructing the coop, the purchase of "non-layer" chicken feed (which is simply expensive parrot food since farmers don't typically keep the chickens around when they stop laying eggs), and those veterinary bills, then we see that "Scroogy" doesn't apply.

    Of course, it has been worth every penny spent!