Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chirpy's Big Day Out

Chirpy camped out on my leg
A few days ago I thought Chirpy might enjoy spending some time in the sun that was streaming in our windows.  I set her on the rug near our French doors and she seemed pretty happy there.  She patiently waited while I ran upstairs to get the camera.  When I sat next to her she climbed onto my leg and up the arm of my shirt.  She tried to fly onto my shoulder, but in her excitement she missed the mark and settled back onto my leg for a little more quality time together.  She did quite well considering it was her first field trip.  I only kept her out of the box for a few minutes as Redder was chirping wildly, missing her fluffy friend.  They are already a united flock of 2. 

The chicks are changing so fast!  The have started to elongate and suddenly have necks.  They have started to sprout tail feathers and Redder's comb is developing.

Eric built them a perch last week.  We tried to introduce the perch when the chicks were only about 4 days old,  but they were terrified of it so I took it out.  I put it back a few days ago and Redder was ready to give it a try.  She now takes naps on it.  Chirpy isn't ready yet though.  She jumps over it and rests her head on it, but hasn't attempted perching on it. 

the perch is now a favorite napping spot
day 5 -  they have changed so much since then!

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